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Having the highest quality of our products at heart, we provide a claim form which you can use at any time during the warranty period. 

Our range of products comprises high quality devices. In the production process, only highest-quality components are utilized, which also reflect the latest technological developments.Each product is subject to quality control already during the production process. 


To further ensure the highest quality of the delivered product, we use a claiming procedure that allows the evaluation of reported defects and their elimination in the future. Every product purchased from us is covered by a warranty period in accordance with its specifications. We also strongly encourage you to read the Claiming Terms & Conditions. 


Warranty scope:
1.Provisions for product service in the case of the warranty period, installation and quality problems, we will responsible for free repair or replacement.
2.We provide free maintenance for 1 year for battery and 3 years for power bank circuit board after delivery. Replacement costs and maintenance cost occurring defective parts by us to bear, resulting in other losses, it will independently undertake.
3.In addition to service outside the warranty period, we also are responsible for equipment maintenance after the warranty period, but its after-sales service costs borne by the demand side.
4. We should response within 7 working days after received the repaired products  and send back to you as soon as possible.

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