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PT-123 10000mAh High Quality Power Bank

Capacity: 10,000mAh Li-polymer
Input: Micro USB DC5V/2A
Output: DC5V OUT1:1A;OUT2:2.1A
Dimensions: 145*72*14.5mm
N.W.: 230g
Material: ABS
Colors: White/Blue/Pink/Yellow

10000mAh Portable Power Bank

With Brand New Li-polymer Battery Cell

Outer case+Li-polymer cell+PCB

Dual Output Interfaces

Charge at the same time and efficient

Charging current for different digital products are different. There are two USB outputs

(OUT 1 and OUT 2) for our PT-123, total current is 2A, OUT 1 and OUT 2 can intelligently

separate the current, so that the effect of fast charge can be realized.

Li-polymer Battery, Safer Charging

Weight and Volume of the Power Bank

is mainly decided by the battery

Our PT-123 adopts Li-polymer battery, high capacity of 10000mAh

Weight: 230 g / Thickness: 14.5 mm

High capacity - Extremely light-weigh - Extremely thin

Micro Control Unit

The arrangement for MCU framwork

Specific module deals with the specific work

Intelligent Identification

More reliable and safe charging!

When the digital product connects with the power bank, it can automatically identify

and charge to the power bank. Plug and charge, intelligent and convenient.

If the digital product is not disconnected after fully charged, the power bank can automatically

identify, initiate over-charge protection and stop outputs,

which can save the power consumption.

Plays well with others

Compatible with a wide range of devices

Our power bank is compatible with most of the mobile phones in the market.

There is no need to worry compatibility if you want to use by yourself or send as a gift.

Share together - More friendship.

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